Storytelling Has an Important Role to Play in Evaluation

It is human nature to want to tell stories and to share important events from each other’s lives. Whether it’s fact-based, or for the purpose of spinning a good yarn during a hazy summer night, human beings have been telling stories for centuries. Simply put, personal stories provide a wonderful glimpse into how people experience […]

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Carrying out evaluations that make a difference

Guest blog by: Martha McGuire Why do we do evaluation?  For accountability?  Yes.  But more importantly to improve programs so they help people improve their lives.  During the 2015 International Year of Evaluation, a group of evaluators came together from around the world to learn more about how evaluations can make a difference[1].  They put […]

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Evaluation Is a Team Sport

Gathering the perspectives and interests of a full range of stakeholders may be thought of as something nice to have during an evaluation. In fact, it’s a guiding standard of evaluation and therefore essential to the evaluation process throughout all of its stages. While it may seem like additional effort and time when both can […]

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Helping Connect the Dots

Seasoned evaluators, nonprofit leaders and program staff would likely agree that interest in evaluation has grown. Once upon a time, it was good enough to do noble work – designing and delivering programs to help our community’s most vulnerable was a visible testament to our organization’s worthiness to receive much-needed grants and donations.

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