Monitoring vs. Evaluation: Knowing the Difference

One of the best feelings in the world is the ‘aha moment.’ It’s a wonderful moment of intense clarity where all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fit together and everything just makes sense. Sometimes it takes a little longer to reach these incredible moments of discovery. During a recent workshop, one of the biggest […]

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Using Surveys to Improve Impact Measurement

There are many tools we can use in the nonprofit sector to evaluate and collect data. Finding the most effective one for the task at hand, however, can be a tricky business. Surveys are just one of these tools and may be something we’ve used over and over again in our day to day work. […]

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Storytelling Has an Important Role to Play in Evaluation

It is human nature to want to tell stories and to share important events from each other’s lives. Whether it’s fact-based, or for the purpose of spinning a good yarn during a hazy summer night, human beings have been telling stories for centuries. Simply put, personal stories provide a wonderful glimpse into how people experience […]

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Carrying out evaluations that make a difference

Guest blog by: Martha McGuire Why do we do evaluation?  For accountability?  Yes.  But more importantly to improve programs so they help people improve their lives.  During the 2015 International Year of Evaluation, a group of evaluators came together from around the world to learn more about how evaluations can make a difference[1].  They put […]

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Evaluation Is a Team Sport

Gathering the perspectives and interests of a full range of stakeholders may be thought of as something nice to have during an evaluation. In fact, it’s a guiding standard of evaluation and therefore essential to the evaluation process throughout all of its stages. While it may seem like additional effort and time when both can […]

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Helping Connect the Dots

Seasoned evaluators, nonprofit leaders and program staff would likely agree that interest in evaluation has grown. Once upon a time, it was good enough to do noble work – designing and delivering programs to help our community’s most vulnerable was a visible testament to our organization’s worthiness to receive much-needed grants and donations.

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