Category: Evaluation Planning

Begin with the end in mind: linking program design and evaluation

Evaluation is really about seeking change. When it comes to program evaluation, the plan we create is intended to outline the different types of changes we want to see. If the desired outcomes are planned upfront, it is easier to do program evaluation. This was the advice offered by Charlotte Young in PREP’s workshop, Linking […]

Using Surveys to Improve Impact Measurement

There are many tools we can use in the nonprofit sector to evaluate and collect data. Finding the most effective one for the task at hand, however, can be a tricky business. Surveys are just one of these tools and may be something we’ve used over and over again in our day to day work. […]

Carrying out evaluations that make a difference

Guest blog by: Martha McGuire Why do we do evaluation?  For accountability?  Yes.  But more importantly to improve programs so they help people improve their lives.  During the 2015 International Year of Evaluation, a group of evaluators came together from around the world to learn more about how evaluations can make a difference[1].  They put […]


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