Associated Youth Services of Peel


Julia Smith
Data Systems and Evaluation Administrator Associated Youth Services of Peel (AYSP)
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AYSP is a dynamic team of compassionate professionals and volunteers dedicated to helping children, youth and families manage mental health and/or justice issues. We work hard with these youth so they can realize their potential and contribute to their community.

My role is to ask questions about evaluation, data and organizational capacity. What that means in practice is that I’m the resident geek when it comes to extracting data from client information systems, producing reports for ministry and internal reporting, and supporting funding applications.

In my few years with AYSP, we’ve unlocked some important insights using data and evaluation. A recent one was regarding duration of service and how that differed from how much we planned for people to need us. For example, the model for one program expected interactions with clients to last 3-5 months. But our data showed clients were now spending 4-6 months in the program, due to the increasing complexity of client needs. This provided evidence, supporting the feedback being received from staff regarding growing wait lists and pressures and led to a change to the program model.

In another past example, our analysis of increases in wait list times and volumes successfully led to us receiving additional funding for more workers for one of our intensive programs. We continue to develop new ways to use our data to support program change and development helping to ensure AYSP remains a vital support to children, youth and families in a critical time.