Gaining Confidence in Approach


Kathryn Palangio
Executive Director, My Furniture Bank
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When Kathryn Palangio, Executive Director of My Furniture Bank (formerly, Mississauga Furniture Bank), signed on to be PREP’s first client, she was new to her role as leader, having only stepped into the position less than a year before. She was interested in having PREP review the evaluation plan of a one-year initiative that was half-way through its granting period. Talking with PREP’s evaluation team, Kathryn says, helped to validate that she was on the right track. The result was a simple evaluation plan based on the program proposal. Being from a small nonprofit, she remarked that she appreciated the opportunity to talk through her evaluation approach with someone who understood nonprofit work and evaluation.

In explaining the rationale of the program structure and her plan for how she would approach the evaluation, Kathryn built her confidence in speaking about the program and its goals. The opportunity to talk through the details with a friendly ear helped to prepare her for a subsequent meeting where she had to clearly explain it to her funder.

“The idea of having someone who is familiar with your project and your organization is helpful because as our programs evolve, so do the questions.”