Safe City Mississauga


Nadia Mokriy
Former Executive Director of Safe City Mississauga
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Safe City Mississauga provides services that increase crime prevention knowledge and skills among members of our community. Better data has helped us be more proactive, not reactive, in our work to create a crime-free city for all.

It is important to funders that agencies have evaluations that use good data to show the relevance of the agencies programs in the communities it serves.

In our sector, the data work has been more complex but equally as insightful. Combining multiple data sets from different sources is required to show impact. For example, in our annual Safest City report, we blend crime data from Peel Regional Police and demographic data from Statistics Canada to get insights into the rates of crimes in our city.

This is how we keep a pulse on what’s happening in our communities and how effective our programs are at making positive change.

Through our evaluation work we see that we are meeting community needs. As well, we’ve seen an increase in participants and people accessing services. Our stakeholders and funders have a better understanding of what we do and why we’re needed.

We’re only able to demonstrate that impact and program success to our funders and our community through leveraging great data and evaluations.